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Every Drink Holds a Story

20451 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 11 Estero, FL 33928
TEL: (239) 494 – 1923


BrewStory’s Story

When I started researching the topic Home Brew Supply Store I was quite surprised to find there were no books, web sites, seminars or even a pamphlet on the subject. So I had to start from scratch in order to assemble the store. Once most of the initial legwork was done, the information gathered lead us to what became BrewStory LLC. 

With an awful lot of help from family and friends we built, bought and assembled the only store in South West Florida devoted exclusively to the passion of home beer brewing. 


  • Dry Yeast Packets 

    See Complete List Here

    American West Coast Ale Yeast -11g 

    Danstar Belle Saison Yeast -11g 

    Danstar Munich Yeast -11g 

    Danstar Nottingham Ale Yeast -11g 

    Danstar Windsor Ale Yeast -11g


  • Grains 

    See Complete List Here 

    Briess 6 Row Brewers Malt

    Briess Aromatic Malt

    Briess Black Barley

    Briess Black Malt

    Briess Bonlander Munich Malt


  • Hops 

    See Complete List Here 

    Ahtanum Hop Pellets-1oz

    Amarillo Hop Pellets-1oz

    Bravo Hop Pellets-1oz

    US Brewer’s Gold Hop Pellets-1oz

    Columbus Hop Pellets-1Lb



BrewStory in the Press

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Naples Dailey News 

Whether it’s brewing beer or raising his children, Estero resident Don Story excels at occupations modified by the word “home.” 

Spotlight Magazines

The BrewStory motto— “Every Drink Holds a Story”— is much more than a motto to beer expert and owner Don Story, who declared proudly: “Beer is the reason we’re civilized.”

What People Are Saying

“Great store. Good selection of grains and equipment, good prices, friendly and helpful. Will definitely be a frequent customer.” 

“Went in for some malts/hops/yeast for a last minute brewing day. They had everything! Also found some equipment I needed while inside, good pricing too. The owner is very nice and helpful… good local brew supply shop… would highly recommend you check it out if you are home brewing or interested in trying it!” 


“Very friendly and helpful. Great selection.” 

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